The story of our "Shaking Mashine"

Aktualisiert: 19. Jan 2020

After the first days of the olive harvest, we reflected on how much valuable time is lost in sorting out leaves and branches from the olives. There are machines here in Greece for this step. But the minimum of 150 Euro for a used machine was beyond our budget. So Vanessa insisted on building a similar machine ourselves. So we bought the missing materials for 15 Euros in the building market. In the evening we needed 6 creative minds and many busy hands, but the result made us absolutely happy. Not only did we save a lot of time in the future, but we were also admired in the olive mill for the cleanliness of our olives. We are quite proud to have solved this problem so cool. Our shaking machine, which is probably called something else, consists of not much more than a wooden frame to which we have attached a grid through which the olives fall by shaking and the branches and leaves remain on top and are then removed.

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