The Harvest of the Eating Olives called Kalamon

Aktualisiert: 19. Jan 2020

We also harvest our Kalamon table olives by hand. The olives ripen differently fast, so that we must harvest these in several stages. We only use the fully ripe black olives, each of which is picked by hand. But with the harvest only the very complex processing to delicious eating olives begins. A bite into a freshly harvested olive from the tree is not recommended, because calamon olives are very bitter and have to be washed first. Over four weeks the olives have to be immersed in water, which is changed daily, to wash out the bitter substances. In order to shorten the time of washing out, one can cut olive for olive. After many evenings of this tedious work we decided to give the olives their time and practice our patience and not to cut the olives next year. After a few weeks all the bitter substances are washed out and the olives are ready for pickling. In order to distinguish our olives from the others and to give them a special taste not otherwise available on the market, we tried a wide variety of spices and herbs until our friends, acquaintances and we agreed: Garlic and celery are the winners. Since then, we have often heard even from locals: "These are the best olives I have ever eaten!"

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