Our new Chickenfriends

Aktualisiert: 21. Jan 2020

On the way to self-sufficiency, it had been clear to us for some time that we wanted to keep chickens.

On the one hand to supply ourselves with fresh eggs, but also to be able to offer our holiday guests fresh organic eggs from free range farming. As we currently have no possibility to keep chickens on our property, we are very grateful that we can use Brigitte's former sheep pen for the time being. So we made everything safe for the chickens for one day and afterwards we bought 11 of them and gave them a nice life. It was a wonderful feeling to free the chickens from their narrow cages and to see them running around on the 500m2 large Wieso for the first time. As a joyful thank you for their newly won freedom, we were presented with eggs just a few hours later.

Delicious eggs from happy hens and of course again 100% organic. 2 days later we got a beautiful cock from dear Beppina. Horst enjoys his new girl group

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